Wednesday, February 17, 2010


um yeahhhhhhhhhhh, not sure what to even title this post with so I will hold off on that. Mondays ride was a long one for me, this I know. Perhaps I should have eased into mileage. My legs feel great, my cardio is up there, HOWEVER my ass this whole season has been killing me. Correction not my ass but my girlie parts. Not sure if it is the new tilt of my handlebars which changes my position on the seat, or if its the shorts. However I have worn these shorts forever and have never had this problem in the 3 years I have been riding my bike. Anyhoo I had some slight discomfort and now am in full blown FULL ON DISCOMFORT. I have saddle sores. They are right on my underwear line so I am goign to have to go commando til these things are healed up. It is almost as if I have giant balls growing. Not sure if they are like turning into cysts but I am pretty miserable. I called the dr. That was fun trying to explain it to the receptionist, but they can't see me til Monday. I am not so sure how the hell I am ever going to sit on a bike seat ever again, I can barely walk. I did some reading and people suggested the above Bag Balm. This stuff is actually made for cows and horses, I think they put it on cows udders. It makes it even more ridiculous. I am just going to lather this stuff on and try to see if it heals up in time for our time trial on the bike on Saturday. Not a good time for this. Now I am going to have to go for yet another bike fit and really all I want is a shiny new bike so I have been trying to stay far far away from bike shops. We still have to pay for taxes and a gazillion trips back east bf I can buy anything for myself....WOE IS ME! Due to this discomfort and the fact that someone called us at 4am today I figured I would just get up and go for a swim. The masters practice was there and I gotta say the old men were such d-bags. It further convinced me that I will never go to that because they have NO patience for people who are not fast. How are you supposed to get fast if you are not slow at first??? Oh and the bathing suit kills the sores as well so I had to kind of pull it up my bum and give myself cameltoe. No wonder why noone wanted to share a lane with me.....


Kim said...

jody honey.

never do a full IM if you want to have sex again.

but seriously, when you go out biking, you need to lube up, and lube up again. and again. and again. vaseline or aquaphor. trust me. my girly parts still hurt, but those sores - yeah they suck big time.

kristen said...

Holy mother. This is what I have to look forward to....fuck.

Were you using any lube before the saddle sores?

Sorry. get better!

Jody said...

yeah i was using bodyglide. i think it has to be my new positioning as of my last bike fit before this season. i seriously have testicles. its not cool. going to the dr tomorrow to see if they can do something to bring them down so i can start riding again! oye!

Coffee Run said...

Hi there, stumbled across your site and thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

Bag Balm is pretty good, however, for the money check out Chamois Butt'r by paceline products. My female cycling pals rave about it. It's non-greasy, washes off easily w/ soap & water.

All the bike shops can get it for you through QBP or Hawley or another wholesaler if it isn't on their shelf (it should be!) When you go to the site you'll see the little packets, ask for a few to try it out.

Chamois Butt'r
on the Web.

Good luck! :)