Monday, February 15, 2010

our first sd wedding

this is where I can be found from here on out!
view of the sunset from the cocktail hour

Shabby setting for a wedding aye?

before many glasses of wine

the beautiful bride!

We had our first San Diego wedding in beautiful Del Mar. It was nice to only have to travel a few miles to attend this wedding seeing as I have to fly to the east coast for 8 weddings in the next 6 months. ouch! still hoping all of those are going to be possible only time will tell! Anyhoo I met my friend Susie in graduate school and she and a few others came out to SD right after graduation. I am so glad they did! She also trecked it to Cabo for our wedding and I am almost positive that SD is where we belong. I could not help but think if we had come to the wedding from the east coast to 75 degrees and sunny I think Bri and I would both be thinking "lets move here." We are living the dream alright! This weekend has been beautiful and warm and sunny and glorious! Bri bought me my new favorite piece of furniture...a chaisse lounge chair for the yard. Due to the weather this weekend means I have some rather crazy tan lines. Saturday morning I was not feeling up to the 40 mile team ride so I went swimming. We usually swim at night so I didn't even think about the crazy straps on the back of my suit til I got home from my 2500 yard swim. Really cute. THen I came home and read on my new chair and forgot sunscreen and got pretty burnt. Sunday I ran in the lagoon for a good 7 miles and really took it easy at my "base pace". Sometimes I do not have the patience but it felt right.

I was not sure if I would be able to bike after the wedding, afterall I do love an open bar. But I was a good girl and only got buzzed. Although I had enough in me to go into the photobooth and moon it for their photo album. Priceless pics. hope they are available digitally soon. Everyone deserves that sight. I am just so damn funny. Regardless I still woke up to join another teammate in Coronad to ride the silver strand bike path. He is training for ironman in a few months so I knew he would want to log some longer mileage and I was up for it. Apparently he likes to tell himself he is doing double the distance that he is really going to go. So we joked the entire ride that we were going 100 miles "at least" and when people would whiz by us we would say "heh I bet they are not riding 100 miles today" or "whoo hoo only 60 more miles to go". This way of thinking actually worked pretty well. My feet were numb most of the ride but I felt very good. It was hot and had a nice headwind so it was very "lavaman specific". On our last loop he started getting bored so he would come up behind me and say things like "its bri right ahead lets sprint and pass him" it made the way back go by alot faster. Sometimes on a flat ride you have to switch it up and fire up some different muscles. It was a great ride and I so appreciated the enthusiasm. We went 50 miles and I have not done over 30 miles yet in training so I was pretty pleased. I honestly felt like I could have run after. Maybe another HIM is in my future!

A great wedding weekend, a great vday with my lovah and the in-laws, beautiful weather and our anniversary this week with even more visitors! life is good!
Happy Monday!

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Kim said...

aw you and bri are so cute! way to get those 50 miles in! you are riding 45 more miles than me :)