Saturday, October 23, 2010

that hurt

I felt like pounding pavement the other day so that is what I did. I took the dog with me despite the fact that since we moved back east she has had the constant runs. And everytime i take her on a run I have to stop about 10 times and uses all the poop bags and then i have to run back out to the other spots that she leaked on to pick it up. Anyways the run was going well. its kind of good having the dog with me all pissed off cause she holds me back and makes me run slower than my already excruciatingly slow pace, but then picks it up the second half of the way after she realizes that she is on my time.

Now I try to be friendly, and I like to say hi to people. Sometimes I make extra eye contact especially if its a sketchy guy. I give him a "yeah I could draw a picture of you from this mental picture i just created in the event that you try anything on me" kind of look. But mostly I just want to not be a douche and actually look at people. I guess my fellow bostonians are not on the same page. On the way back I decided to pick up the pace and forget about my heart rate monitor for a while and had a good pace going. A woman was running towards me but seemed to be refusing to make eye contact with me. Of course I tried staring her down all the while with a big smile on my face. Well she never looked. As I am looking behind me at this point I failed to notice the low hanging branch and clotheslined myself. Stupid bitch, she never even stopped despite me yelling a quick obscenity and moaning a little bit.

I will not give up on my fellow americans and i will continue to say hello even if you blatantly try to ignore me.

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kristen said...

lol...well, we don't call em' massholes for nothin :)