Sunday, June 29, 2008

The A_ero is dunzo

Well after seven blissful years with my Oldsmobile Alero (I can still hear the song "it is a special feel, in your oldsmobile") I decided that I should try to sell it instead of shipping it and wasting money only to buy a convertible out in Cali. So I put the car on craigslist and accidentally underpriced it BIG TIME. After talking to my brother and coming to my senses I raised the price a bit and the first person that came over bought it. So there I was, on my driveway just going through the many things in my trunk (typical jumpers, tire, motorcycle helmet, motorcycle gloves, shin pads, rollerblades, snowshoes, books, barbie dolls??, my grandfathers baseball glove) I had to bid farewell to the Aero. I had the people who bought it take a picture of me hugging the car, and off they went. Its just too bad that I accidentally gave them the keys to our new car, but whatever! It was a little confusing when I realized that I now have no car, and still have two weeks until we leave. Brian is trying to convince me that even though I drive by the commuter rail, that it is way too out of his way, so it looks like I might be riding my bike to work for a few weeks. So the hunt for a new car will be on when I get to San Diego. Will I go for a tree hugging hybrid since the cost of gas is close to $5 in cali? Doubtful, but you never know!

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