Sunday, November 9, 2008


This week was pretty uneventful. The weather was warm again so we had a few later day beach trips. We witnessed the navy seals practicing the other night. It was pretty remarkable, they kept dropping some guys into the ocean from helicopters, leaving them there and then pulling them back up into the copters. Pretty hard core. Anyways I am back into marathon training. Well half marathon for now. I have to see how my legs/back/arms/entire body hold up before commiting to a full marathon. I am very much missing the team in training though, especially this time of year, but hopefully after this event I can sign up for the San Diego marathon.

We were victorious in our water polo game this week. I cancelled my MRI this week cause my wrist is finally better. In fact I didn't wear my brace on Friday because I had actually strained my right wrist at the game.

Anyhoo we had a fun game night at a friends house Friday night and I turned in early for my morning run. I already have a knee injury ( I tried to jump over a guardrail last week and missed) so I am kind of taking it very slow on the runs, but getting my mileage in anyways. I finally got an IPOD courtesy of Bri. I have no idea how to use it, and the plugs don't fit in one of my ears, but I love it and it makes the runs go by alot quicker.

We went out to celebrate a friends birthday that we met at the dog park. We went bowling downtown. We had some rather rambunctous and funny peeps next to us, who spent their night razzing Bri for wearing an argyle sweater. They were dressed up in crazy gear so they really made us normal folks look like freaks. Anyways it was a fun night. It got freakishly windy here last night, and I thought we had animals in the house in my haze, but it turned out to be the windows slamming open and shut all night. Good times!

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