Wednesday, November 26, 2008

la la la la la la last night

After seeing my friends pictures from the numerous New Kids concerts that they went to in Boston I knew I had to go when they came out here. After begging pretty much everyone I know here to go with me, I finally convinced a friend of mine to come. I kept getting screwed with tickets but managed to find some floor seats last minute. My friend ended up getting sick, so I ended up posting the one ticket on craigslist and found a random dude(and surprisingly he was not gay) from good ole Dorchester!
So before the show, I of course took out my "play clothes" and tried on my go to 80's outfit: La Gear jacket, flourescent orange skirt, and black hat (all originals). I came out of the room and the dog started to bark at me like I was an intruder. I knew from that reaction that I was onto something. So yes I went to the New Kids by myself, and dressed up like an idiot. I was in good company once there, about 15000 screaming girls. I could have done without the chic next to me that puked on my feet before the New Kids even came out on stage, but hey she was having a good time.

I chose my seats because they were right next to the second stage that they sing about 3 songs on. However I chose to make a bathroom run before, and got held up by security for about 20 minutes. I was practically in tears once I realized that they invited everyone from my row to stand right around the piano that they sang at. I was trying hard to be nice even though I was pissed which paid off. Some security guard ended up letting me into a secret elevator so I could get back up into the stadium and then I had to fight my way back down. I managed to muscle through (probably poked people with my bedazzled jacket) back to my area. It was superfun, and during one of the songs it mentions spinning a pony tail and Joey Mac pointed right at me and made a spinning motion (my hair was in a side pony tail of course) so I spun it around for him, and he pointed and laughed. It gets em everytime!

So a superfun night, I pretty much peed myself all night from jumping up and down while screaming. I never thought i'd be at a New Kids concert drinking a beer, but it happened last night.

My dad arrived last night and we are going to try to get some sun before another little storm rolls through. It is amazing how much coverage "STORM WATCH" gets here for basically a sprinkling of rain.

Happy Turkey Day!!!

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