Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall back

A semi eventful weekend here in sunny California. The weather has been from what i'm told, unseasonably warm, which is just fine with me. Halloween night we ended up staying in and giving out candy,which was probably a good call because I had to be at my group run by 7:30am. I had an okay first run, just 4 miles so we will start building up slowly for the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January. At that point I will figure out if the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon is something i'm willing to do. I am also going to do it with the Leukemia Society. Its just not the same running with a different group that you can't cry with every weekend. I just figure I may want to begin marathon training in running shape...what a novel idea!
We bombed the house for hopefully the last time. We are now flea free, and i'm pretty sure I will end up on an episode of House with all the pesticides that I have been inhaling for two weeks now.
I wanted to wear my fancy new shoes that I bought so Bri and I went out for dinner downtown to our favorite restaurant Croce's. We sat outside and quickly realized we were sitting next to Jim Croce's wife who owns and runs the restaurant. They were sampling the new menu. So of course I had to pipe in over and over with my iron chef like comments. She was so nice as well as her husband and they let us sample some of the new items on the menu as well. Dinner was fantastic and we hot footed it to a bar up on top of a hotel to meet some friends. It was a very cool place with a great view of the city and Petco park. However at some point I stepped into a big wad of gum. Pissah.
Anyway we are just hanging out today, taking the dog to the beach and getting ready to smoke a pizza for the game tonight!!
Oh and the best news EVER!!!! My dad is going to come for Thanksgiving!!!! I am very excited, especially because my homesickness was at an all time high for me here this week. I so badly wanted to come home next weekend for a suprise visit but I have some meetings at work that I really can't miss. So this is going to be very nice.
Also want to send out good fundraising and running thoughts to the Barnes family who is holding a 5K in memory of Jason who passed away a year ago. There is no better way to honor someone than to get a whole bunch of people together for the same cause.

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