Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

What do you think Belle is thinking?
a. "I hate you for doing this"
b. "orange is not a good color for me"
c. "I can't wait to eat this costume"
or d. "at least I am not a stupid cheerleader like last year!"

Happy to be ending a long week of flea killing to celebrate Halloween!

We had our first water polo game last night and played the defending champions from last season. I'm pretty sure they beat us by about 15 points last season but only 6 this time, so not too shabby. I had to play one armed again and am hoping that I can make it to the game next week after my MRI. I am guessing I freak out after about 2.2 seconds so that should make it pretty quick. Not sure I want those results, because the word "surgery" has been thrown around. Seeing as my medical experiences here in Cali have not been up to par, if I have to do surgery I am definately flying home for it.

Happy Halloween!!

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