Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here is why it is in my DNA to hate raccoons. Many years back when I was in high school, my mother was awoken to shrieking. So off she went to investigate and ended up seeing a raccoon that fell through our skylight. It shimmied up the wall and ended up on top of the valence in front of our bay window. At this point I heard my father "shit balls etc" as he attempted to squeeze through their bedroom window because my mom was afraid that it was rabid. Anyhoo we had to play it cool the whole time because they were afraid that Mark would wake up and shoot it with his bee bee gun. Anyhoo long story short, the police came, pepper sprayed the poor thing, and my father was left to clean up raccoon diarrhea all over our living room. Oh and my mom ended up with shingles right after, which was most likely a direct result of the stress from that night.

So now that we now of my genetic disposition to stress induced from wild animals I will share our current situation. For the past 2 weeks each night from about 11-3 there are wild screeching sounds, that wake us up, wake the dog up, and sound like animals are in our house. So we got a guy to come out here today and he crawled under the house and saw that "animals" have torn through the insulation and have set up shop IN OUR WALLS. No problem, they set up a live trap. I am soooooooo not looking forward to them actually getting caught, but I guess I can go with a few more disruptive nights sleep. But as long as I don't have to wake up to skunk smells and animal screeches I am good.

Peace be with the coons.

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