Sunday, October 5, 2008

Michael Jordan

Well I just got back from my weekend trip to Vegas, so yes I am currently sitting on the couch, watching TV and trying to rehydrate. We left Friday to meet up with our friends Tiff and Bill and had a grand ole time. Friday night I ended up venturing off to a craps table by myself when I spotted a crazy chinese man that could barely stand up. That seemed like a good sign. So I dropped down my money and ended up throwing the dice right away. Lets just say that about 5 hours later I went back up to the room with a wad of cash in my pocket. My little friend "jimmy" which I am pretty sure is not his real name, was screaming "Michael Jordan" and attempting to hold up the number 2 and 3 with his fingers. It looked more like gang signs but whatever. I took his fancy bracelet off of him and made everyone that was throwing the dice wear it. I did notice the next morning that he had it back on. And yes, he pretended like he didn't know me. Anyways it was loads of fun. I think Jimmy was going in for a smooch....awesome

Saturday night Bri and I went to his mentors restaurant, Mesa by Bobby Flay. It was an amazing meal and we chatted up our neighbors at the restaurant and despite me not being hungry AT ALL, I finished the appetizer, meal AND desert. It was a great meal that hopefully gave Bri a few good ideas for cooking. We were going to crash Nicky Hilton's bday bash at PURE, but I realized I was not 23, and did not have slutty enough clothes to enter. So we ventured back to the craps table. Lets just say that the Merrill's changed the vibe at the table and had another good night. I had to turn in early because my back was spasming in about 4 diff areas. Bri staggered back to the room around 4:30 "I was so hot, I rolled for 45 minutes", "I was so hot, I rolled for an hour and a half" "I was so hot I rolled for like 3 hours" get the picture.

A quick flight home and some lame jokes made by the southwest workers, and I am chillin with the puppy and watching some baseball. I still can't move my wrist and have been in back spasms every day. I tried the chiropractor, accupuncturist, the DO, and had x-rays. Noone has been able to tell me whats going on. It is really cutting into my extreme sports though.

We are really crossing our fingers for a red sox/dodgers world series so that we can try to get to a game. Here's hoping!

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