Monday, October 20, 2008

all torn up

Okay so the curious creature living in our wall was a possum. So happy to report that we have had some good nights sleep since it was caught and released and Bri put up some screening so no more animals can make their home in our walls.

This weekend was a fun filled one. Bri and I met up with some people I work with for happy hour on Friday. It turned into a few more hours past happy hour, and some bad decisions, but really it was my first drunken night since we moved here. I was due to take shots, and harass old men that never saw it coming. I was sorry the next day, but whatev. Anyhoo I was pretty much pathetic all day Saturday but made it out to get some sushi with some girls. Since I was hungover I did get some deep fried sushi to take the edge off. Anyways while there one of the girls who is a PT did a great eval on my wrist and determined that it was probably a torn ligament or cartilege. I was finally able to get an appt with an orthopedic today and he said the same thing. However he still wants me to get an MRI in a few weeks. I warned them that there is a strong possibility that I won't be able to sit in the MRI for long. It is at night though, so I may be able to drink some wine to relax and not have a full fledged panic attack. Should be interesting. So I have to go see someone to make some molded to my arm type brace.

We had a fun cookout yesterday and Bri fired the grill up at about 9am for a 4 o clock cookout. You know what that means, smoky delicious, fall off the bone ribs. yummy.

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