Saturday, October 11, 2008

Greek Life

This week pretty much consisted of recovery from Vegas. I returned to work on Monday, exhausted, and beat up, when I heard the not so great sound of the alarms. At my school the alarms either mean fire alarm, earthquake, or OH SHIT A KID GOT LOOSE!!! It was the latter.

So one of the kids snuck off and was missing for TWO HOURS. This meant a hot pursuit on foot running around the neighborhood and pretty much shitting our pants. We had the police helicopters out and everyone looking. He turned up at a sorority house. Classic, the kid took the trolley to a nearby college and probably followed a pretty girl home. NICE. Anyways needless to say I felt no need to exercise that night.

Tuesday I took the dog to Coronado beach and we did a nice little run and then played at the beach. When we left the beach Belle got attacked by two "friendly" dogs. It was pretty ridiculous, but luckily she was not hurt, I on the other hand was pretty traumatized, and killed my wrist that finally felt like it was getting better. Ho hum.

Bri came home from Vegas on Wednesday but missed our last inner tube water polo game cause he had to meet with a client. I on the other hand made it to the game, one handed and all. I couldn't even put my wrist into the water cause I was nervous it would get bumped, so I paddled one armed. I managed to score about five goals, so I can only imagine how the guys on the other team felt when they finally realized that I was only using one hand. I hate to sound full of myself, but I have NEVER been good at any sport... ever. It is not easy always being the worst person on your team, or finishing marathons while they are already cleaning the streets. I have never let it bother me, or keep me from trying any and every sport. This beings said, I am also going to appreciate when I am actually on the better end of it all. We have a few weeks off and then our team which was 'team ocho' will now be renamed 'we go for balls', because we do. Anyhoo I am supposed to be playing in a beach volleyball tournament right now but since I can't touch my wrist I figured that was not a good idea. So unfortunately I am not going to be able to play next season either.

I did however sign up for the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January. I am going to train with the same league that I do all water polo and vball with. We train on Tuesday nights at Mission beach, and then Saturday mornings all around San Diego. I figured that I might try starting marathon training in good shape as opposed to how I usually do it...completely out of shape from not running at all since the previous marathon day. San Diego marathon training starts in January so this way i'll be ahead of the game, and maybe I won't end up injured.

As for this weekend I pretty much kept my schedule open because there is TONS of cleaning and lounging to do after last weekend. That and Bri lost all our money on the craps table. Come to find out, being in vegas for six days does not bode well for the savings.....

Happy bday to Mary, and to Cakes!! Also my friend out here Erin, is having baby Leah as we speak!!

The Pats are in town this weekend but since I have to work Columbus Day, and have a big meeting first thing in the morning, I will most likely be watching the game from my couch. Bummer. Go Sox, Go Pats!!

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