Sunday, October 26, 2008

You dropped a "bomb" on me babay

Well, where to start. Okay so there have been many posts about annoyances here in San Diego, such as raccoons, possum, flies, maggots and now we have one more to add to that FLEAS.

I was brushing Belle as I do about twice a day and I saw a little critter. Of course I freaked out and made Bri catch it. At that point I started googleing about fleas and read that it was most likely not alone and that if there is one on the dog then they are in the house.

Now let me backtrack here. Bri and I just got our long awaited new bed delivered. And just this morning woke up to Belle who managed to wiggle her way in between us, onto my pillow, and UNDER the covers.

So of course after finding a flea I was concerned. We had just frontlined her the night before so we couldn't give a flea bath or anything like that so we hot tailed it to Petco to get something to BOMB the house with.

Bri set two bombs and we had to shut the house up and vacate it for two hours. We fortunately were able to visit friends of ours who just had a baby girl two weeks ago so that was fun. But we had to come home to a smelly house and I proceeded to clean from top to bottom, and then worked on about 10 loads of laundry. No kidding. I had just done all our sheets, towels and duvet covers on Monday, psyched to be doing them again.

Anyhoo we just did another check on Belle and it looks like she is now flea free and that the frontline is starting to work. Hopefully we caught it in time, and with the bombing we killed EVERYTHING in the house. I came home to MANY dead daddy long legs. Apparently fleas are really bad in this area because it never gets cold. Its just crazy that she never got them in Boston even though she was at doggy day care every day. Anyhoo I guess this is one of the negatives we have to deal with out here. So for tonight Belle is banned to the floor.

On the upside it is still beautiful and in the 80s! I start training for the half marathon on Tuesday, and a new season of Inner Tube Water Polo. I will still be playing one armed since my wrist is still shot. I see the PT tomorrow and they are supposed to make me some kind of brace or something. Oh and I am supposed to go for an MRI on November 5th. Yes that is almost two months after the injury. I guess things are a little slow out here.

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