Saturday, June 20, 2009

somebody call 911

After my negative nelly post last night I figured a positive one is in store and luckily todays ride was nothing but (well except one part....i'll get to that). We met today in Escondido, which is a half hour drive east from here. We rode a semi similar course to the Vineman course, although this one was about 4X hillier, but the hills were in similar points as the race. I rode the whole ride with my friend Robin which makes such a difference to be able to gab it up and make time go by. At one point we hit a pretty nice downhill and Robin was in front. I saw a dumbass jack rabbit run into the road just as a large truck came up the hill. The poor rabbit got ping ponged from one tire to the next and the tires rotation actually shot the goddamn thing across the road and directly my way. I closed my eyes and yelled like a little girl for about 5 straight minutes. I was convinced that I had rabbit juice on me the whole ride. It was by far the nastiest thing I have noticed. That was really the only down part to the ride. I ate some peanut butter jelly sandwiches that I made for the ride, and that seemed to curb my hunger a bit which usually gets me about halfway through the ride. It got really windy on our way back and at one point we were going downhill and I was in one of my easiest gears and was actually pushing it pretty hard, it was rather bizarre. The weather here today is nasty, but it was kind of nice out east, so it must have been this front moving in. I feel alot better after todays ride. Its amazing what a mental game this all is and sometimes you really do succomb to it and start to do a whole lot of negative talk. I apologize for that. I decided since I felt good that I should just forgo the run after the ride and am going to go for a run around Coronado tomorrow with a teammate and then swim at the kickass Coronado pool again. So all in all a very good day, boy I needed that. Might I add that its kind of amazing that now 50 miles, and climbing for over 5000ft of it seems 'easy'.

todays stats:

avg heart rate 158
max hr 182
5049- elevation gain
avg speed 11.9
time 4:10
51 miles
2812 calories

oh and to explain my blog title today, I had that stupid song in my head for our ENTIRE RIDE...brutal. shorty's fire burnin on the dance floor whoaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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