Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tough Life

This is where I swam today. Yeah I know. Today that middle part was not in the pool so it was really a 50 yard lane. It was pretty awesome. The ocean was to one side. This place was amazing and it was pretty cheap, and if we lived in Coronado it is practically free. I busted it out for about an hour and swam 2000 yards. I have no idea how many miles that is, I think its just a little over 1. Come to find out when you swim the same stroke in an outside pool you get tan lines that make you look like you are 8 years old again. sweet.

I did not work out yesterday and I tried hard not to feel guilty about it. I have had a pain in my foot for a few weeks. It is where a bunyon would be if i had one and kind of feels like a foot cramp that doesn't go away. It gets worse with inactivity, so if I take a nap or at night it is pretty painful. THen as soon as I get up and it loosens up it gets a bit better. I had a plantar fasciatis problem a few years ago and although it feels different and not as severe, the whole nighttime thing sounds familiar. I am going to see a doctor who deals specifically with "athletes" so that he is on board with whatever it takes to make it to the finish line. He was recommended by a teammate so I have a feeling I will be in good hands unlike my previous doctor experience here.
So I took it easy and will most likely do so until I know what I am dealing with...maybe. I am getting a bike fitting tomorrow so that I can figure out why my rides are so uncomfortable (i.e. I lose all feeling in my lower extremities). So hopefully that will help, apparently I have mountain biking clips and shoes right now. THey pretty much looked at my bike and told me everything was all wrong.....awesome. It should be a nice and pricey night tomorrow!
Belle is doing well, no more seizures which is good. The vet said sometimes they don't happen for a while so if they are far enough in between then we may not even have to treat it. That would be nice. I would prefer never to see her go through that again.
Over and out!

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