Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr. Dr. gimme the news

This week I quickly realized that I would need to see a Dr about my foot pain. I had a proper bike fitting on Monday at a local bike store and it was extremely thorough and EXPENSIVE. I had to get new shoes since mine were really old and really heavy. There were no shoes under $140....awesome. I also needed new pedals that would perhaps give me the ability to move my foot a little more towards my natural position (much like a duck). Those are going to run me about $250. I convinced the guy to let me try them out before purchasing and so they did. Maybe they'll forget about me and I can just have the used ones for free.
Since I had such bad luck with Dr's out here in the past I figured I would not mess around since my event is in a month and went with a highly recommended sports medicine Dr. I showed up nice and early and even though I gave my insurance information to the receptionist the day before, she says "oh we don't take your insurance here." I don't think that has ever happened before, I didn't know what to do. My recent bike trips have cost me quite a bit of money and I just felt a bit overwhelmed. I asked how much and she said it would be $150 for an hour. I just kind of stood there looking perplexed and reminded her that she could have told me that the day before. She felt bad and said they could do it for $75. Since my copayments alone are $35 I figured it was worth it for a good dr, especially if his diagnosis and rec's could save me from going from dr to dr. I am glad I did. He was amazing. He gave me a very thorough exam and came to the conclusion that it is most likely plantar fascitis. He said if it is a stress fracture it is really early on and it would not be picked up anyways. He also said that if it was it would hurt alot more when I am actually working out. My pain is mostly at night, or when I am not on my feet. Weird I know but whatever. So my coaches have suggested I lay off the running and do my 'runs' on the eliptical. Now seeing as I don't have a gym membership out here that may be challenging but i'll see what I can do. Figures that I pick up an annoying injury just one month before the event. I just want to be as injury free as possible because that makes all the difference in the world come race day. I have only made it through a training season one time without being injured so I am used to this and really not too concerned at this point. Luckily the swimming and biking are not hard on the foot so I will just keep on keeping on.

TO test my foot out I went to a hip hop class with a friend from work. It was so much fun and reminded me of how fun working out can be. Of course it was led by the cutest, most flamboyant gay man that I have ever met. I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. We learned a dance to a JLo song and I worked it pretty hardcore. The class was so diverse, there were young girls there and women up in their 60s and everything in between. I think a few of the women had on body glitter, which i'm not too sure how I felt about that. Since my crazy scottish pro is out of the country for the month, that frees up my Tuesday nights so that I can do some fun stuff. I felt like I was watching myself when I was 10 years old cause there was a lanky young girl there who was just spazzing away learning the dance moves and although she knew them perfectly, she was just a bit too awkward to make it all come together. BOY I REMEMBER THOSE DAYS!! Not that I am much different now, but I must say I can learn a dance routine pretty quickly. I am very much looking forward to some more fun stuff once the triathlon is over. Bri and I are planning on taking tennis lessons down the street from us. I'm sure i'll end up with tennis elbow in no time!!

My flights are booked as well as my dads for the big event. I am very excited for it! This weekend is another long workout and I will do the whole bike and possibly attempt to run a bit if my coaches permit. Then the next weekend is a recovery week and then on the 4th of July is a doozie! 60 mile bike ride and 10 mile run. I am hoping to be healthy enough to complete that before the event. While I know that my legs can take me at least 26.2 miles, I also know how important it is to be healthy at the starting line. So that is what I will focus my attention on this month and hopefully not lose my fitness level at all. Here's hoping!!!

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