Sunday, May 31, 2009

Balls n Dolls

I was up this morning at about 4am with the race day jitters, EVEN THOUGH I was only running 7 miles. Not sure what that was, but ready I was. I put on my silly outfit and made my way downtown. I got to see some fast runners go by, then some familiar faces as I waited for my relay teammate that I had never met. It was pretty easy to spot someone dressed exactly like I was. (although she was about 5 feet tall so the shorts looked a little more normal on her!) I took off and just tried to warm up a bit since it was pretty chilly at 6:30 am and a little misty. It was such fun having so many people to run with. I am not used to that. The Boston Marathon usually left me with all the stragglers in the way way back of the pack. It could get lonely out there. But here in San Diego practically half of the runners are with TNT and they are all running about a 4:30-6 hour marathon. I forgot how much running on the highway sucked and I pretty much felt like I was going to fall over because it was so slanted. Unfortunately it was like that for a good 4 miles. I met some interesting people along the way and kept at about a 10 minute mile, which is actually pretty good for me. I upped it for the last mile and a half and ran 9 minute miles which is even better for me. I finished and passed off our drumstick (rock n roll marathon....get it?) and walked another 3 miles to try to meet up with Brian since most of the roads were closed. I ended up waiting on a corner where there was a group of jokesters from a local bar. They had a whole crazy set up, couches, tables, tv's, and a treadmill. The best part was there was a guy about 75 on the treadmill barely moving, and he was already up to 16 miles for the day (he started at 5am), they were taunting the runners with bagels, donuts and jello shots and I was shocked at how many took them up on the offers! I can't even imagine downing a donut with another 13 miles to go, but to each his own! Brian said "well you slammed down beers at Fenway" I had to let him know that having one mile left is a whole different beast than having 13 more to do!

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