Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am not quite sure what is wrong with me this week, but I feel like I have been punched in the stomach, tied to a truck and dragged all through the county. I'm tired, so very tired. I did not workout Sunday or Monday and still I feel tired. I am the kind of tired that people look at me and say "whats wrong with you, are you sick?" Gotta love it. I slept for a bit yesterday after feeling like hell all day at work and then decided that I had to make it to my workout. Somehow I survived my Tuesday night beatdown at Rehab United. It was 7 minutes of craziness on the bike, and then a five station one minute circuit with absolutely no recovery inbetween. My heart rate was higher during the circuits than the bike. Not sure thats normal. Not to mention I was trying to also watch the Celtics game (came back and won from being 14 behind) which was probably not helping my heart rate situation either. We did this four times and then my time there was complete.
I thought I was coming around, but woke up today feeling again like a big piece of coma toast. I called into work and figured I would try to sleep in a bit. I slept til about 9:30 which is pulling a rip van winkle for me. I am hoping that a day of rest will get me back to normal. I'm sure that these long ass workouts on the weekend are starting to catch up to me. I guess I have to stay on top of it. Its real tough trying to get long run workouts during the week when you are just trying to stay awake at your job. I will keep trying to resist the urge for caffeine and just listen to my body (stop doing this Jody you're killing me), okay maybe I won't listen to my body and listen to my coaches instead (go go go go go you can do this). Yeah thats better.
On a fantastic note, my fundraising is up over $6000!!!!!!!!! I am so excited about that and so grateful for all my supporters. This is always a very difficult time of year so its nice to be able to focus on all the positive things that have happened since my mom's passing. Although i'm starting to think it may have been easier on everyone if I just developed some other kind of habit, but i'm sure glad I chose endurance events over booze!!!!! Although I am kind of a good time when buzzed....hmmmn

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