Saturday, May 2, 2009

You want an ice pack for your WHAT?!

Today started out at about 5:30 am. I tried to get everything together last night as well and just had to make some sandwiches (which I would later forget) and get my food on. I rode up to the Solana beach train station, but had to make a quick pitstop at a gas station beforehand...if you know what I mean. I waited by the bathroom door for what seemed like forever. Finally a man comes out, looks at me and says "so sorry." Great. I get in and start to cover up the toilet and drop my beautiful dolce and gabana sunglasses into the same toilet that this man had just descecrated! Good start to the day I suppose. Anyways I shook it off, cleaned them off and headed to meet up with my team. We boarded the train and it was such a scenic and quick ride to San Juan Capistrano in Orange County. There were about 8 of us there today, and luckily my friend Lisa (LG) joined the group and I got to ride with her when she wasn't smoking my ass. I rode with my coach for a bit. She is a beacon of knowledge, but lets just say that she takes the rules of the road VERY seriously. We came to complete stops at places that I knew my buddies ahead were plowing through. I was psyched when I realized that LG stopped and waited for me. So we rode down the coast through San Juan, San Clamente, and a bunch of other places that I don't remember. All beautiful coastal communities. We then made it to Camp Pendleton. We had to show full id and all that to get onto the base and once there it was so worth it. We basically had the road all to ourselves. In fact almost the whole 50 mile ride was off of the main roads and on what looked like an old insterstate that went right along the coast. I was psyched when I started to recognize some familiar places because around mile 35 my lady parts started to feel like they were about to fall off. At one point I met up with our SAG vehicle. A wonderful man named Marty comes out every weekend with tons of nutrition, water, and help if anyhthing happens to our bike. I rode up to him and forgot to give him an "earmuffs" kind of warning and asked if he was providing new vajinas today. Lets just say that I think that comment probably made his day, and I was actually suprised that it came out of my mouth. My coach said that it is good to get your hoo ha used to it for the race, but I am not really into developing calluses down there. Bike shorts it is! We continued our ride through Oceanside, them Encinitas and finally back to the train station! Yay 50 miles done (really 48 but I am rounding up).
Here are some stats from my trusty Garmin 405 (I need to name this trusty friend)
48 miles in 3:53
calories burned 2097
12.3 mph average
159 bpm on average
sunburn: face and on my forearm (was supposed to rain today so I forgot sunscreen)

I am trying to download my garmin connect so that my watch synchs up with my computer and converts all the info onto my computer but I am half brain dead right now.
For now we will cheer on the Celtics, and head out later to meet up with some friends at our favorite local watering hole, True North.

Big Bri's bday is tomorrow so not sure what we will do for that but hopefully some nice weather is going to be with us again tomorrow!

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