Thursday, May 21, 2009

A "safe" run

I met my team tonight at a local high schools track for my first track run. Since it is a recovery week not too many teammates were there but a good little group of ladies to run with. Our workout was 2 laps warm up, 3 laps at a 80%hr, 2 laps at a 85-90%hr and then one lap "balls out", then back to two laps at 85, then 3 laps at 80 and then do the whole set over again. The track was great because it was dirt so a little nicer on the knees than the concrete and flat!!! What was fun about this run was running by a fluorescent green condom on one of the turns (we were at a high school afterall), so I felt like it was an extremely safe way to run. My second favorite moment was when the volleyball coach took her girls out of hte gym and reamed them a new one "I am sick of your bickering and trashy mouths, and harrassing one another!!" Oh man those poor girls must have been up to no good cause this woman was not backing down. Made me realize how happy I am working with the population of kids that I do.
I felt really good and enjoyed this run. It flew by!
I averaged a 10:29 minute mile, and best was a 6:50
average Heart Rate- 166 Maximum heart rate: 189
4.62 miles in 48 minutes
497 calories burned GOSH I HEART MY GARMIN!!!!

While I was running I was chatting with a super fun and sassy teammate who mentioned that one of her friends had to drop out of their relay team for the rock n roll marathon next weekend. I was just thinking how fun that would be so I am going to join her team and do about 7 miles of the marathon with all the glory!!! It will be fun running parts of my first marathon again and I am looking forward to dressing up like an ass, maybe even literally!

Time for pepperoni pizza!!!!!!!!

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