Tuesday, May 5, 2009

whip those legs

First things first, I have reached my minimum and am now soaring above the $5,500 minimum!!! I would like to thank everyone so much and especially my Aunt Elaine for getting my letter and story out there. Because of her, I received my largest donation to date. The bar has just been set a bit higher because I was just given a donation of $500 from my aun't sister in law. She has had quite a rough go at things, losing two sisters in the past five years. I am always honored when people share their story with me. It gives me even more of a kick to get going because I am not competing and fundraising for myself or my mother, but for all of you and your loved ones. I reflect on these people that I am told about often during my training. Especially when I feel weakness creeping up, that is when I channel all my angelic energies to get me going, and I do honestly feel it. I can't think of any other reason that I have been able to complete all of my races. So please continue to share your stories and names of loved ones and their stories with me.

Training this week so far:
Sunday: Was my first time running with my heart rate monitor and it was something else. I varies from a sub 9 minute mile to a frigin 13 minute mile. Strangely enough I go faster on uphills than I do on the downhills. That just does not make sense to me. My heart rate was pretty much through the roof and if I have to stay in my zone 1 I would basically have to walk. Gotta work that out a bit.


I just got back from another beat down at Rehab United and it was a good one. It was my first time with the heart rate monitor so I was hoping that my heartrate was where I thought it was during the workouts. I got it up pretty good but not too super high. I definately need to start watching my heart rate because apparently the heart rate I had going my entire 50 mile ride on Saturday was way too high and I shouldn't be doing that to my body for long periods of time. Just means I have to get more efficient which is what I am focusing on.

A few of my friends from the team attended tonight as well so it was a rather good time with LG to my right and Marcus and Katie to my left. I actually got chastized for talking a few times. Brought me back to high school, oh and college, oh wait and grad school for talking when I shouldn't. Oh well some things never change.

Bri has been joining me on my swims which has been quite fun, especially during the chasing drills. Kind of pisses me off that he is faster than me, but I also have to factor in the part of him being stronger. Whatev.

I am basically coming to grips with the fact that I am going to have to work real hard this summer to combat my ridiculous tan lines. Because I have been swimming during the day, I have some real messed up lines on my back, and I wont even get started on my arms and legs. Oye, not cute.

Not sure what my workouts are supposed to consist of this week but I may start to try to do a brick on Wednesdays and work in a long run with a swim. The crazy Scot is doing a spin/run workout by the bay on Thursdays and I think I may have to start giving that a whirl. Since Thursdays usually involve my long run, i'll have to fit it in another day during the week.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! We celebrated by cooking some lobsters that my dad sent for Bri's Bday from none other than Legal Sea Foods. Thanks Dad!! YUMMO!!

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