Thursday, May 7, 2009

R A T T L E S N A K E spells rattlesnake!

I would like to share some things I saw at work yesterday.

- 2 goats- yes and the teacher who brought them in would carry one away so the other would flip out. I thought the "baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"s were a students new weird sound they were making.

- 1 boy drop his pants and about a pound of mulch fall out of his underwear. Apprently it happens every day. Ouch.

Don't you wish you worked with me?! I think so.

Moving on. I went to meet my group tonight for a beautiful run around Torrey Pines. We did about 4 loops in the trails along the ocean and I wanted to get another few loops in when the team was heading back. I made sure I would have enough light to make it back and turned around by my lonesome. BAD IDEA. As I made it to the end of the loop where I could pick the road up again I saw a couple and the woman was limping and looked rather freaked out. He nonchalantly says "oh there is a rattlesnake up there on the trail."

I'm sorry, come again????? Yeah so I asked him if he would poke it with a stick to get it out of the way. He declined and so then I asked if I could at least run with them so I wouldn't have to truck it alone. Let me tell you I have never run so fast in all of my life. I kept thinking I saw snakes and it was getting pretty dark so I hot footed my ass (which was covered in my new favorite running skort) back to my group where they were waiting for me.

Sometimes I forget that I am amongst the wilderness here. I did get to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets, with one of the most amazing views while I was running alone. It felt pretty good. We were supposed to run about 9 miles or 90 minutes, I made it about 7.5 but if you have ever ventured to Torrey Pines you would be shocked that I run up the entire hills there. Just a few months ago I was huffing and puffing just walking up these hills and through the trails.

Onwards and upwards! Oh and I guess you should find out if what you are supposed to do if you get stung by a rattlesnake. Do you pee on it? I think i'll try that just in case.

We are very excited to have some visitors coming this weekend! Yay to Lauren and Todd!

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Kim said...

holy crap, i would have freaked out just like you!!!!! be careful out there!