Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 months from today

Vineman Ironman is 2 months from today. HOLY *$#*!!! We are onto our recovery week, which basically means our Saturday ride won't have me out of the house from 6am til 3pm...YAY!!! Monday was a nice long swim about 2300 yards or so. Tonight I was back at it at Rehab United. Before I went I had a mini shopping spree at Marshalls. Now I rarely shop, so when I do its hardcore. I needed sandals for work because we have to have backs to our sandals so we can run after kids at a moments notice (you'd be suprised how often that is). My method at stores like Marshalls is not to use a cart or I will overload. I went a little crazy on the cute sundress rack though and ended up trying to balance two shoe boxes and WAY too many clothes. Lets just say that by the time I ended up at the checkout the woman looked at me and said "why didn't you use a cart?" I had marks and lines all over my arms from the pressure of so many clothes. The reason I am sharing this story is because one of my purchases was an Under Armour compression shirt. I had absolutely no idea what this meant. Until I got into Rehab United tonight. It was super hot tonight, not sure why. We did some crazy sets on the bike and by the end of the first set I literally had a stream of sweat from my neck to my stomach. I am not a sweater so I was pretty shocked. I mentioned this outloud and my friend LG to my right says "it's a compression shirt, it locks in the heat to get your core going." Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh awesome just what I did not want on my hardest workout of the week. Anyways we got off our bikes and did 1 minute stations that included jump ups onto a big cushion thingie, kettlebell swings, more jumpy things, plank discs, shoulder presses, lunges and side to side crunches with weights. After that was done we got back on the bikes for another whole bike and strength set. Again I was left in a pool of my own sweat. It was fun to have more of my teammates and coach there tonight, always good to be surrounded by fun people during a tough workout.

2 months to go! I can't wait to say I am a Vineman finisher! And more importantly I can't wait to see how much more money we can raise for a cause that helps so many people!!!

You can donate online to my site at : http://pages.teamintraining.org/sd/VineHIrn09/jmerrill

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