Friday, May 8, 2009


So I am just going to brag a little bit. Mother's Day is coming up afterall and since Belle is the closest thing I have to a child I would like to take this moment to brag about my pupparoni.
I don't know if something is wrong with me but at the beach a few weeks ago we were stopped and someone asked "is that a showdog?" I nearly cried I was so happy. Now I know how those show mothers must feel. I'm pretty sure Belle barked "world peace" at that point like a good contestant would do. At the beach last week a woman was walking around taking pictures for a website. I'm pretty sure she was the cutest most well behaved dog there. I'm just sayin
Ok off to get a hair cut since it is more like straw. There is something about the water here, it kills my hair, plus the chlorine, plus all the sun. Brutal.
Eventually today I will clean before the arrival of Lauren and Todd so that they don't have to sleep amongst all the crap that I have been piling up on the guest bed.
I have a 50 mile bike ride tomorrow followed by a 3-6 mile run. Should be a LOOOOOOOOOONG day!!

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