Sunday, May 10, 2009

Over the river and through the woods

Saturday's workout:
4 hours and 45 minutes in total (forgot to stop my watch when we stopped numerous times)
average heart rate: 150bpm
50 miles in total (47 on bike 3 mile run)
calories burned- 2801
what I ate- 2 gu's, one shot block package, fourth of a clif bar and some cheez its drank a bottle of gatorade- around 600 calories.
How I felt...........cocky the first half, sick the second half, and like I was going to puke during the run.

All in all not a terrible ride. We did around 47 miles for the ride and compared to last weeks beautiful FLAT ride it was a real bitch. We rode from Encinitas through Carlsbad and then into areas out east I have never heard of. Lots of farms and trees and brooks and MOUNTAINS. We then hooked around to Lake Hodge so once I saw that I knew we were in store for some more climbs. But I felt pretty strong. I stayed in my big gear for most of the ride and never used my granny gear on any of the hills which is a big change from normal. I'm growing up! So I have to say that my nether regions were not as sore this week. Probably thanks to lathering myself up with bodyglide. We rode back to the coast, actually I shouldn't say we cause I rode alone for about the last 20 miles or so which sucked. I did the pee pee dance at many red lights, and the cars must have thought I was seizuring. I finally found a gas station and boy did that feel good. I got back in the saddle to finish up my ride to the parking lot. I totally cheated because the parking lot is at the top of a ridiculously steep hill, short but steep. So I extended my ride a bit cause I did not think I had the legs or stomach at that point to do that. shhhh don't tell anyone. I changed up pretty quick and went for my transition run. While I saw a few people skipping it, and although that was tempting, I laced up my sneaks and took off for the coast. I found that I was doing a 12 minute mile for about the first 10-15 minutes. Our coaches have suggested running at least 2 minutes slower for our first few miles so our heart rate can adjust and your legs can get used to it. I ran out one way for 20 minutes then ran back. I found that running back was alot easier and I was able to do around a 10 minute mile. I felt like I could keep running which was good. My stomach however is still something I need to figure out because I am SOOOOOOO hungry, afterall these workouts are now over five hours. However when your heart rate is elevated you really can't digest anything, and my stomach can only handle so much Gu and Gatorade. I am going to try to do more real foods next week like fig newtons and crackers and things. We'll see how that goes.
I got home to our friends Lauren and Todd sitting in the livingroom drinking Margaritas. As tempting as that was, I resisted the ritas and drank some whey protein.

Happy Happy Mother's Day to all the special mom's in my life!

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