Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prune toes

I woke this morning to a text asking me "are you still riding today in the rain?" Hmmn I didn't know it was supposed to rain. I watched the weather and they really did not say much, so I just got ready and off I went. I actually had to use my windshield wipers on the ride out to meet up with my team. That almost NEVER happens in sunny San Diego. As I am getting ready I realize it is going to be a very wet ride and I was ill prepared. Luckily I ended up receiving my full fundraising TNT jacket. Its fluorescent green and purple but everyone in San Diego gets one once you meet your fundraising minimum. I was a little out of it this morning and started doing the whole "fat guy in a little coat" as I stood in the middle of my team circle. I then look to my left and my mentor was videotaping the whole thing. I'm sure he'll post that soon so i'll be sure to share that just in case any of you were missing seeing me make an ass out of myself on a regular basis.
A few people got back in their cars and decided not to do the ride because of the conditions. My coach just continued with his mischeivous little smirk and I knew we were still riding. Since it never rains here the roads build up quite a bit of junk and when it rains it gets very slick. We just kind of took our time and played it safe. I almost bit it once but was not really going very fast so I was able to steady myself before I fell over. PHEW! Four teammates actually all hit the same glassy patch and all got flats. Then a woman I was riding with had some damage to her bike so we had to make sure she was okay. So the ride took a little longer than normal, but I felt pretty good. My coach rode with me a bit and suggested I get my cadence up because if I keep riding like I have been my legs will be toast for the run. It just means that I have to go into an easier gear and work my legs really fast, instead of moving them slower but harder and going way faster. That mainly means that I can't keep up with my friends on rides and then end up somewhere in between groups and ride alone which I am not a fan of. Especially since I am lazy and don't like to look at the cue sheets that tell us where to go. Oh and towards the end of the ride on one of the paths we were on there was a snail mass suicide. There were hundreds and hundreds of snails crossing the bike path. Lets just say that some made it, some did not.
Anyways we made it back to base and took off running in the canyons. It was a great path and the only thing I had to watch out for was lots of horse poop. People ride their horses through here. Smelt awesome. I felt really good and was really comfortable running about a 11-12 minute mile.I would be happy with that on race day. Granted I only ended up doing about 3 miles because I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow to join a relay team for the Rock N Roll marathon. While I was very excited at the thought of this, actually getting up and running the most desolate and slanted part of the race is really not so appealing. Out of hte 6.5 miles that I will be running only 1 is on roads that I will see people. The other is on the highway that I recall HATING the year I did it because it was so slanted it felt like you would fall over. Not a good thing for me since my legs are already different lengths. Oh well what are ya gonna do right??? It should be interesting trying to make my way back to my house after ending somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
Now I am off to volunteer for the TNT. Since about 5000 or so TNT runners come into town for this event they need plenty of help with their pasta party. This is the same party that I won the motorcycle at 6 years ago. Ah the memories. I will be collecting raffle tickets (which I believe will be for this years big prize) funny how all things come around full circle. I'm sure I will cry at least 5 times tonight listening to stories and speakers.
Maybe it will give me some good ideas for the speech I was asked to give before our triathlon!!!

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