Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The King of the Road

This week's breakdown and shakedown.

Sunday- I got my whimpy ass to the La Jolla Cove where I met up with fellow woosies (you know who you are) and LG (not a woos at all). The cove is a beautiful area where many people and divers go to snorkel and look at all the fishies. While I too enjoy snorkeling, there is something different between snorkeling, and then swimming, with wildlife all around. I would also like to note that there are many many seals in the area, and we all know what kind of large fishies like to eat seals....SHARKS!! So we walked up and must have had a terrified look on our faces because the firemen asked "what are you looking at?" we replied "searching for any signs of sharks." They laughed and walked away. A few minutes later I heard one of them say "shark" and I nearly lost it, and he said "no no no I was just repeating you." Then they went on to say, "it takes a shark about 3 minutes to completely eat you and it takes us about 8 minutes to get out there on the jet skis." GREAT!!!

We suited up and got into the water. The reefs are literally right at the edge of the beach so right away we were surrounded by many fishies. Now I am not even sure why we bother swimming in the pool and working on our form, because once I get into the open water I am just a flailing body trying to go in one direction and not die. I swallowed so much water and refused to look down. I made sure to stay close to my swimming buddy and just focused on LG, fortunately she pulls to the left and I pull to the right, so we kind of kept eachother straight. My least favorite part was swimming through the kelp, they don't call it "kelp forest" for nothing!

We made it out in one piece and stood there waiting for our mates that went a little farther. I felt so Californian with my wet suit pulled halfway down and the bikini top on, should have taken a picture.

Monday I took off for a much needed day of rest. I spent memorial day learning to embroider and I was quite suprised by my efforts. I am going to do some fun tank tops for people. I'll post pics of my first one once its completed.

Yesterday was another beatdown at Rehab United. Lesley returned from her weekend triathlon and she placed 2nd! We did a 4 minute warm up of 15 minutes standing 15 minutes seated for 4 minutes. then did a pyramid of all out 15 seconds, rest 15, all out 30, rest 30, and increased it by 15 seconds all the way up to 90seconds. Then did a circuit of lifting and jumping and silly things like that and then did it all over again. It was a great workout once again.

Tonight I attempted to run. I was going to go around mission bay but realized I had no idea where I was going so I did 2 loops at Fiesta Island. Around mile 5 I literally felt like my entire stomach was spasming, it was some serious cramping like I have never experienced before. I was close to tears and just plain embarassed since the bikers were passing me over and over again probably wondering why I was looking so pained. I just tried to plug through it and eventually made it back to my car. I did 8.5 miles but wanted to do 9.5. Oh well.

On a more exciting note, my brother and I bought my dad a Harley Davidson for his birthday and for being an all around kick ass guy. Mark and Dad saw one that he fell in love with this weekend while they were in Indiana for a race and we decided to go for it. He is so excited and I can't wait to see pics of him on his black cherry Road King!!!! He deserves it and then some!!!

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