Saturday, July 4, 2009

Los Arboles!

Happy 4th of July everyone! We are preparing for our first one out here in San Diego. They banned alcohol on all the beaches last year so apparently it is drastically different and a little less crowded. While I would have really enjoyed playing flip cup and various other drinking games on the beach, I will survive. We are going to try to park at our friends house and get as close to Pacific Beach as we can where we will meet up with some friends. Then we are going to brave the crowds and attempt to watch some fireworks possibly in Coronado. There are about 15 different firework displays all within ten miles so it should be quite a night.

This week was pretty standard, swim, bike and run. On Wednesday night I got back from work and since I biked in the am we had the night to do whatever we wanted. I decided the Del Mar Fair would be a good way to spend it. We basically ate our way through the place. Started off with my first ever corn dog. Quite delicious. Then I tried out fried mac and cheese on a stick, not the best. I then walked around and tried to decide what to have later for dessert: fried snickers, fried oreo, fried ice cream, fried anything you can imagine. Bri tried a fried cheeseburger, and we threw it away after one bite, disappointing and we didnt want to waste any space in our stomachs on sub par food. I grabbed a grilled ear of corn which was delicious and we walked around to our final destination where we split a funnel cake. YUMMY! I then felt like I was going to puke so we walked about 2 miles to our car. Apparently there is chocolate covered bacon there and I am not sure how we missed it but that is rather disappointing. There is always next year I guess!

My team did our workout yesterday on Friday since today should be crazy around here. It was such a fun ride, about 33 miles and all through winding roads. For a split second I felt like Lance Armstrong as we were twirling through the neighborhoods, then I realized I was only doing 18mph, not so Lancelike. It is so much more fun when you get to ride with people, and about 8 of us girls from the team stuck together the whole ride, very fun way to spend a Friday morning. I had large aspirations to run a long distance after since I missed last weekend. HOWEVER I succombed to peer pressure and only did 3 so that I could meet my teammates for brunch. Didn't matter anyways cause I got lost and never made it to brunch but I had good intentions! Perhaps the most shocking part of yesterdays training session was realizing that Vineman is just two weeks away. For some reason I thought we had two more weekends and then the event. Looks like I need to turn the page on the calendar! I am very excited and can't wait!
My foot is kind of a suck fest right now so I am going to try to take it easy on the running for the next week and just do the bare minimum so that I can attempt to run during the race. Lets face it, after riding a pretty difficult course for 56 miles is it really going to matter? A teammate brought up another good point "after riding 56 miles in about 100 degree weather is your running training going to matter?" The answer to that is probably not. I am finding that my heartrate is pretty darn high though in the heat which means I am going to have to slow way way down running (yes I may be walking slowly to do s0) so that I don't bonk out. While I can say I have bonked a few times during marathons I always had friends on the course to get me through. I have never done anything for more than 6 hours and this event should take me a good 8-9 hours. A bonk somewhere in there is inevitable but I will see it through no matter what.

I will worry about that later but today I will have fun in the sun and celebrate the good ole US of A!

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