Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frankie says relax

I went to see the ENT (ear nose throat) Dr today and boy was it an experience. It is a teaching hospital which means typically there are lots of people in and out of the office asking questions, this office was like grand central. The Dr came in and at first I thought he was a total dick bag, but then I realized he just had a really dry sense of humor, which I can appreciate. He basically drilled me on why I had face pain and why my jaw is now all screwed up. I told him I had no idea, however as I was standing in line to begin my triathlon, I never felt so much stress/fear/anxiety in my life and really thought "this is not healthy." As soon as I began the race I felt a weight lift off of me and realized that I had not felt normal for quite a while. So I explained to the Dr. that it could have been that.
He suggested I get a CT scan and I will be going to a physical therapist to see if they can help me at all. He gave me some reading to do on buddhism......
He said "What are you going to do to destress?"
My responses were "go to the beach"...him "yeah cause then sitting in here with melanoma won't get you stressed!"
My next response, "go to a wine bar every night" (got a great look from the dr and the other 10 prospective dr's)
My next response, "well the pills I popped for the MRI were kind of nice, maybe i'll start popping pills" (more dirty looks)
THe Dr's response, "maybe you are just too funny for your own good."
Maybe he is right.
I am hoping that the PT will help because he said that he is big on surgeries to fix problems. He seems to think that this is all stress related and that I am 'clenching' during the day.
ho hum off to the wine bar!

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