Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chewy Meat

this picture is not me, I had two diff colored socks on...nice

So I survived my MRI this week. To mentally prepare for it I laid underneath our coffee table and asked Brian to bang on it really loudly. Bri took me over to the appointment and I popped a happy pill about an hour before as prescribed by my Dr. In the waiting room I felt okay but as soon as the Dr called my name I made a bee line for the ladies room where I proceeded to down a few more pills. I went to an open MRI and it was not the most fun i've ever had, but I made it through with minimal anxiety. The pills definately helped and I think they really kicked in right around dinner time where I proceeded to druel on the table and almost fall asleep in my plate. We came home and I was sure I went to bed at 6 but Bri said that at some point I took down some ice cream, and sent some texts and made some status updates on facebook. That is all according to him, and the poeple I text. Whatever those pills were FANTASTIC! And its a good thing that I have more because I am almost positive I have to go for another full head scan. I just heard from the Dr and she pretty much scared the shit out of me. Pardon my language. You never want to hear a Dr. say to you after a head MRI "yeah there are definately some issues going on" ..... being the neurotic person that I am I am waiting for her to finish with "like giant tumors, tons of cancer, you are missing part of your brain" but she pretty much just said that I have some degenerative stuff in my jaw, some fluid, and arthritis there. She explained why she chose the particular scan instead of the whole head, which made me feel that I am going back in for another MRI. She referred me to an ENT where they will have some more answers for me and possible treatment. I have been sleeping with my mouth piece from the dentist so hopefully that will help too. The Dr. also asked if I have trouble chewing things, and it donned on me, I never used to like red meat because it hurt to chew it and I would tire out. Lucky for me the only red meat Bri really buys is filet so i'm good with that but it was kind of eye opening. It may also be why my hearing is not the best out of my right ear. And why I have a weird ticking in my head when I run. Its all coming together now. I'm sure the ENT will be able to make sense of all my issues...GOOD LUCK DR!!

Other than that all is well in training ville. I have been doing more swimming this week and trying to give my legs a bit of a rest. We have a practice tri this weekend to practice our two transition areas. Normally there is one area but at Vineman you have your swim to bike transition in one place and then your bike to run transition in another.

I have a final plea here for my teammates. THey are a wonderful young couple who signed up for back to back fundraising. THey have been working their butts off with training and have made every attempt imaginable at fundraising. They are still $1000 short and with the race only a week away they may not be able to come because of fundraising. If you have been meaning to donate and have not had the chance now is the time. It all goes to the same place so please help these two out so that all their hard work does not go wasted!!!

Thanks for all your support!!

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