Wednesday, July 29, 2009

bang bang

What is this picture you ask? This is what I saw when I walked into my office at school this morning. Except the blinds were down, and all I saw was a few blinds pointing in and broken. I thought someone may have broken in (that happened a few weeks ago), but nothing was moved. I went outside to check the window and saw two large gun shots. Interesting. So I reported it to the office and by the time I got back to the office people were already standing around touching the holes. Once we started investigating we realized there were about 5 shots made, but only two went through the windows. One went through the window, nailed the calendar (on todays date...weird), and went through the wall into the kids playroom. Very scary. Once the cops showed up (3 hours later), they found a few of the bullets and the casings were actually at the front gate. They said that someone called to report gunshots last night at 3am. So apparently they stood at the front gate, could not get in, so they shot it up from about 40 yards away. It is not something you expect to find walking into a school, but luckily noone was hurt and hopefully this was just a freak kind of thing. For some reason our building has been targeted quite a bit this year. While we made the most of it, and continued to see kids in our bullet riddled office. Coincidentally one of my cop obsessed students was in the room when the cops showed up to ask me some questions. So we then took it upon ourselves to go out to the cop car and take some pictures posing. Gotta love it!

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