Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my apologies

Another whirlwind trip back to Boston. Arrived on Friday night after numerous delays and cancellations but we made it home in one piece. Saturday was pretty much pool time with some fam and then off to get ready for my friends wedding in town. I for sure made an ass of myself, numerous times. I should have stopped drinking about two vodka/soda's in, but it did not stop there and I just may have finished a bottle of Ketel One on my own. Brutal. Just can't hang like I used to. But it was sure fun to see all my high school and college friends all at one place. I guess I should just not think that I can drink like I did when I was in college. BAAAAAAAAAAAAD idea. I was supposed to get up and go see my twin neice and nephew, but I did not actually make it out of bed until 11, and was barely able to stay vertical until around 3 when all my friends and their kids came over. Now I do realize that most of my friends now have kids, but I have never had them all in the same room at the same time and it was something else. So fun to see them all and hard to believe that when I go home next they will be walking and talking and even more will be around. I joked that I was going to give Bri a vasectomy after that outing, but it was all in good fun!
Next year is going to be a wedding fest, and I am really not sure how I will survive all those open bars. I will do my best but I feel as though I should apologize in advance for my inappropriate behavior which I know will occur.

I'm sorry:

to the wedding bands that I will mock and try to play their instruments when they are not looking.

to all the fathers of the groom that I will most likely refer to as DILF's.

to the brides, its not that I am trying to steal your thunder, but I just cannot help myself on the dance floor.

To the photographers, I am sorry for ruining pictures on purpose because I think I am funny.

to the banquet halls, please get plastic glasses so I do not have to feel bad about breaking my glass on your dance floor, because apparently putting my drink down for at least one song would be a travesty.

to my future partners in wedding parties, you have to get over it, but we have to be the funniest people to be announced, even if it means we switch outfits.

and most of all to my husband Brian, I am sorry that you have to stand by and watch all of this unfold.

I luckily survived my flight back from Boston despite the pilots not allowing the flight attendants to stand up and throughout the worst turbulence I have been in get on the speaker and say "well people this is as good as its going to get for a while so if you have to go to the bathroom you should do it now." AWESOME! Probably explains why I could not wind down til 3 am last night to sleep!

At some point I will start working out again.....maybe tomorrow???? DOUBT IT!

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