Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ho Le Shitballs people. I just had my first rolfing session. It is the first of 10 sessions that are supposed to manipulate the soft tissue in my body to help move better through space and time, or some shit like that. It was by far the gnarliest thing I have ever done. I found myself begging for an epidural as I was straight up lamaz breathing. I was told by my kickass messeus and rolfer, Roz, that many women say this is worse than childbirth. Today focused on the muscles in my chest, and those are just not areas that you are used to being stretched around. You typically do a fluid constant movement while being manhandled. She moved from my chest to my IT bands. WOW. That was really not fun and I was literally biting down on anything I could find and focusing on my breathing begging that the endorphins would help with the pain. From there she moved to my hamstrings where I laughed uncontrollably. From what I am told there is alot of shit being released so I may laugh, cry, and scream (almost peed myself at one point) and I did all of the above tonight in session one. After the hamstrings which eased up pretty quickly, she did a lumbar thing and a neck thing which will be done at the end of each session.
Next week is the feet. 90 minutes on the feet. I have a feeling due to my ticklish feet I will be laughing quite a bit but due to all the crap I put my feet through I should be crying a bit as well. Looking forward to all that is to come with the rolfing. I can handle pain as long as I know it has an end.

In other news, there is a pilot being shot a few blocks over. It is the same people who produced The Shield which Bri was a big fan of. We tried to get on set but kept being turned away from cops. We will snoop more tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, its my last day of school! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I love my job, and I love my kiddoes, and my friends at work, but lets get serious, vacations are AWESOME!! Especially when you live in a place where you know that everyday will be beach weather, everyday there will be some new place to explore, and that everyday you have a beautiful doggy to play with!

Another segway goes into doggies. We have been thinking of expanding our family and getting another dog. I have attempted to fill out the application for a spaniel rescue fund in SD, but it keeps funking out on me so I will have to do it another day. As long as Belle is happy and its the right dog, we'll do it. I think Belle would like a playmate and there are an awful lot of doggies that need a good home and family that will dote on them, and take them to cool places.

Bri and I went up to the park today to kick the soccer ball around. I am starting in a league on Sunday with a bunch of people from work. Its been a few years since playing with my Joe's soccer team so I wanted to be sure to kick around a bit before pulling all my muscles on Sunday. Bri was never a soccer player, and boy did it show. I kept asking him to move away from the canyons.....and much to my suprise (not!) the ball ended up down the canyon after he could not trap the bullet of a pass I made. Luckily it got stuck on a bush and Bri went teetering on the edge to get it. I thought we were going to have a situation there for a few seconds but he pulled through and came out with the ball unscathed. I forgot what a good workout soccer is. Good lord, I am going to be one tired puppy on Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

what a gross mischaracterization of my soccer skills. i chased because you kicked into the canyon. truth in blogging!