Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Recently this week while craving frozen yogurt (shocker I know), I simply stated that I wanted to give Golden Spoon another shot. Brian went on a whole rant about how I was obsessed with it and then just dropped it after a few bad experiences and then bad mouthed it, then told me I was fickle. Just like that I decided that golden spoon it was. We just stopped off for double stamp tuesday and it was a solid performance from g-spoon. HOWEVER there are just those times where you order a certain flavor and it is soupy right from the spout, and that is not okay. I still think there are others that are better (yog-art, and yogurtland) but I will stop bad mouthing g-spoon from here on out.

I pretty much sweat my ass off all day here in the house doing some serious cleaning and organizing and even washed the cushions from the couches...who does that? I had to grapple with the frigin things to get them back on. So after that I was ready to cool down so Bri and I made it down to our local pool for a swim. This is the first swim I have been on since Vineman and its like I was never in swimming shape ever. It was like nothing was smooth and I had to think about my every more in the water. It sucked. In my defense, I was super sore from my attempt at surfing yesterday and could barely move my arms but still. I look to the lane next to me and Bri is frigin lapping me. I did attempt the flip turns today. I used to do those all the time as a kid, but since the vertigo I spared myself from doing flips in the water. It wasn't great, but it wasn't awful so I may see if my body can handle it on a more regular basis,,,,although thinking about it is kind of making me dizzy. Oh and next time I go to the pool I will make sure to buy a new swim suit as opposed to my bikini that everytime I pushed off the wall they ended up around my ankles. Highly frowned upon when there are pee-wees learning to swim in the lane next to you.

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