Sunday, August 16, 2009

stupid gringo

I have been really good this weekend and even went to yoga and sweat it out there. I kicked the ball around the other day in preparation for todays game. I should have known better. We live a few blocks away from a huge park, and everyday all day you can find locals playing soccer. Its what they do, all ages all sizes, they were born with soccer balls at their feet. I don't know why I did not think of this before I signed up with some people from work for a soccer league. The field is an "indoor field" which is really outdoors and was really about 100 degrees on the turf. I was one of the only white people in the whole place, which is fine but these people were born soccer players. Since there were only two females to show up I had to play the whole game, which I just felt badly about for my team. Like every first game of soccer of the season I ripped my quad in my right leg. Also I seemed to have forgotten that just yesterday all my blisters (which took up most of my feet) from Vineman came to fruition and peeled off. This meant all brand new skin which just got burnt up in my cleats that I have not work in years. First half I wanted to pass out, second half I felt like I was actually feeling better however I could not put any pressure on the insides of my feet. It was painful. I did however manage to score a goal! It was for the other team but really whose counting?!
So its on a smaller field with basically hockey boards up all around it. So even though there are only 6 people playing against the wall is like having frigin hundreds of opponents to cover cause you can kick it off it even right in front of the net. It is definately going to get some getting used to. Hopefully more girls show up so I do not have to embarass all the Merrill's by shaming them with my terrible athletic skills. Serious though I started to think about what a true champion is. It is easy to compete when you are good at everything. But once in a while you should try to get out of your comfort zone and do something that you know you suck at, and still do it and complete it anyways. Its pretty much how I live everyday. I challenge you to do the same

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