Wednesday, August 12, 2009

its the most wonderful time of the year

This is my last week of school thank the lord. A much needed 3 week vacation coming up. Since we are coming to an end I thought it was only fitting to take my prom date/work husband out for frozen yogurt instead of sitting in the speech office pretending to do work. Besides the fact that his teacher doused him with cologne before he left, and he is allergic, and sneezed all over the sundae condiments multiple times, it was a very enjoyable day!

Today is also enjoyable because Bri is coming home after being gone for over a week for business trips and such. The hardest part is that I have to cook for myself. This usually means ramen/cereal/frozen yogurt for dinner. But I actually tried to be a big girl this time and cook some real meals. Since I still had some of my homemade basil gnocchi left I whipped up this sauce the other night and it was phenomenal (evoo, white wine, shallots, garlic, heirloom tomatoes and my special addition at the end.....Goat cheese!). I really outdid myself, but i'm sure if Bri were home it would have been way better. A girls gotta eat!

I am finally back on track with working out, but I have been focusing on strengthening and flexibility before training for whatever endeavor is next (most likely a half marathon...Carlsbad perhaps?). I have been kettlebelling again (please see picture above so I don't have to explain). It is perhaps the best way to strengthen cause you get both cardio and stength all in one. I am a big fan of it and have a good 40 minute workout that pretty much kills every muscle in your body one by one, and then leaves you feeling unable to move comfortably. I managed to squeeze two of those workouts in, one mini run, and hopefully a bike tonight to spin my legs out a bit.
Looking forward to my team victory party this weekend to see all my teammates and be able to hang with them carefree!

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