Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breaking News

Its only been 3 weeks since Vineman and already I am thinking about my next adventure. My body does not allow me to stop training, and almost everytime right after an event my back starts aching and I get the "i need to be training" blues. I decided that before my next event I want to get more flexible and try yoga. Many people have raved about how it helps them in triathlons, but I didn't want to start something halfway through training so I decided i'd wait. A friend of mine out here is a yoga queen and convinced me to try her place Core Power Yoga which is right up the street from us. I was going to join her in a level two class but decided this morning that I would give the level 1 a try. It was a great class and the teacher gave such clear descriptions of what to do with your body to get the most out of each movement. I have tried yoga in the past and end up laughing too much, whining, and thinking the whole time about how much I hate it and would rather be doing "real" physical activity. (one time the lady came in with a gong and then had us sacrifice bananas,,,,,true story). This kind of yoga was perfect for me. It was in a hot room, which was not as bad as I thought, but again confirms that I do not sweat like normal people, cause I barely broke a sweat while others were literally dripping. There were quick movements and it was a perfect balance of cardio and some deep stretching.

I got home and decided to try to sit down with my calendar and try to map out my plan for the next coming school year. I get 10 days off to use whenever I want but I have 5 weddings so far that I have to travel to the east coast for. And to top it off I really want to fit in a race for next year. I was teetering with the idea of doing the Boston Marathon again, but since all my weddings are in Boston I figured I would switch it up a bit and instead do the Lavaman triathlon in Kona Hawaii in March. It works out kind of perfectly because it is on March 28th (the week of my bday), and my school vacation is the week after that so I can take some days and visit Hawaii, which I have been DYING to do since we moved here. And if we want to make a real long vaca out of it we can stay into the next week because I won't have any school. Now here comes the breaking news....wait for it......Brian Merrill, my husband who always laughs at those who ask "brian do you do triathlons?" just called after his latest business trip to DC and said "how long is that triathlon you want to do?" I told him the distances and he said "I am in." Ho Le Shit people. Given that his knees are atrocious it may be a tough run for him, but it is only a 10K and can easily be walked. He already did the swims with me a bunch this year so that wont be a problem and he will love biking around here (as soon as I get him one)!
I am hoping to do this with the Team in Training, but not sure if both of us will be able to do the fundraising so we'll have to see. There was a bunch of people on my team this year that wanted to train together for it as to avoid fundraising, so we'll see.

I figure by posting this I leave Bri no choice but to do this. See you in Kona!
here are some pics from the Jody/Belle weekend of bliss: activities included:
doggy surf camp

swimming in the ocean
a doggy fair
a concert in the park
many naps & trips to the park
It certainly feels like summer, not only one more week of school to get through til VACATION for 3 weeks!!

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