Friday, August 21, 2009


Its amazing how quickly I can transition into "vacation mode." This typically means I automatically have no idea what day it is, or what time it is for that matter. I have not done anything special which is fine by me. Just getting back on track with my body and have been focusing on yoga and strengthening, and I even managed to squeeze a run in the other day, and it wasn't half bad!

The only injury I got this week was from boogy boarding when I was out slaying waves with Dillo and showing him how tough I am. I caught a good wave and realized I had no control and was about to pile drive into two young boys, I ditched the board and ended up getting slammed and dragged along the sand. I have a sweet sand rash on my hips and some bruising but it makes me look super tough in a bikini, that or like a battered wife.

We were interviewed on Tuesday for the spaniel rescue, and are going to look at some dogs tomorrow at an event in Carmel Valley. Many pros and cons to getting another dog, so hopefully we can meet one that sweeps us and Belle off our feet! We are kind of like the Brangelina of dogs, we are just such great dog owners that we should just keep getting them, and first we had our own, now we are adopting! We are "Brody" to the spaniels.

Speaking of spoiled dogs, Belle is not a huge fan of the groomers, and now anytime we go into a place even remotely like one she shakes and tries to bust outta there. I recently saw a mobile dog grooming van so I figured I would give that a try. They came this morning and it was great. They just hooked up to our hose and ran a chord for the electricity and it took an hour compared the the 5-6 hours she is usually gone at other places. I highly recommend the service.

Going to the Padres game tomorrow night for a TNT fundraiser so that should be fun! Then Sunday cookout! And maybe we will do all of this with a new doggy in our life, but maybe not....TBD

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