Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to life

Life after training is always a little funny. Your body needs the rest, yet your mind is still telling you to feel guilty for not doing anything. THat and I am still eating like I am in training. I have to give myself more reminders to eat healthy since I am not working out like crazy. I was feeling so guilty I almost signed up for another international triathlon in september. I may still do it but I think I will see how I ease back into working out. I kind of want my life back. Bri and I have been talking about surf lessons, tennis lessons and other fun stuff. We spent this weekend at the beach and thanks so some offshore storm the surf was amazingly large and oh so strong. We went out boogie boarding with one of our friends and I was tossed around like a rag doll. It was awesome. It was the type of surf that even if you weren't trying to ride a wave you would end up back at the beach without even trying. At one point I ended up in an area where waves were coming in and crashing at different directions and it flung me and about 4 other ladies into a whirlpool of sorts, and we were all tangled up in each others boards and strings. I panicked a bit there and decided that was it for me for the day.
I had my first acai bowl (pronounced ah-sigh-eee). Its kind of big out here and is supposed to be one of the best antioxidants around. It is like a berry so its usually served over yogurt with fruit and granola. The one I got was kind of like acai ice cream/sorbet and had granola and fruit on top. I got it at Pacific bean in PB and it was delicious and so refreshing.
Last night we walked down the street to the park and they have free outdoor concerts every two weeks. We always missed it last summer so we were happy to make it. Next time we will be prepared with food and such.
Oh I almost forgot the most fun part of the first happy hour in 6 months!!!!!!! We went to the Wine Steals with girls from work for my colleague's shower and lets just say I woke up on Saturday in a real bad mood, very tired, and realized that thankfully my car was not here. It doesn't take much, thats for sure.
I want to make some time to do some more cooking/baking and with my school vacation coming up (FINALLY) I will have lots of time to do that. Bri got a subscription to the Food Network magazine which is awesome. I found a recipe for basil gnocchi that uses instant mashed potatoes and it cut the time by about an hour of preparation. They look really good but we won't taste them til tomorrow cause Bri has been smoking meats all day long. It is Sunday afterall!!
Can't wait to get back to Boston on Friday for some fun! Once I get there I can upload some of the 300 pictures that my dad took at the Ironman, since he cannot seem to figure out how to upload them to the computer.

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