Sunday, July 5, 2009

boom boom boom boom

our seats for the 4th in front of the midway
A break from the beach

my first corndog

Well its official, 4th of July in San Diego is pretty fun. We woke up early and drove down to PB to make sure we got a spot. Since there is no longer drinking on the beaches it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. We got a great parking spot, and ended up right next to a friend of mine I used to work with back in Mass. He had a whole set up and was having a party at his house on the beach. Everything was working out. Our friends came and set up shop with us and we kept taking breaks at the Alehouse where they were serving up $4 vodka drinks,,,,,perfection. More friends met up with us there and we ended up at the beach for about 9 hours. When we were leaving we realized we were parked across the street from my friends house party so we went in for some good food and drinks (well I was the DD so Bri had some drinks and I watched the longest beer pong game ever). We made it home to feed the dog and fired her up for some fireworks. We went downtown and walked down to the cruise ship dock that they opened up for everyone to sit to watch the show. We were right across from the Midway where there was live music being played and the fireworks started up. We could see about 4 shows going on. In SD they all do the same show so it was pretty neat watching the same show right above you and then off in the distance. Belle was a trooper and really only got a bit skiddish with the really loud boomers. A great night under the stars!! And there was hardly any traffic leaving and we made it home in about 15 minutes (as opposed to the 3 hours it used to take us to get out of Boston after the fireworks.) Good times had by all. Today feels like an extra bonus day since we had a long weekend so I am going to get out there and enjoy it some more. Going to swim somewhere at some point but lets not forget that its TAPER TIME!!!
Two weeks from today I will be saddled up on my bike hammering away at the Vineman course, but today I will relax and enjoy!

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