Saturday, June 12, 2010

the flying dismount gone bad

okay soooooooo I made it back onto the bike today with a few of the girls (rocketpants & LG). They are lying bitches. I kind of figured it would be an easy ride because rocketpants has had a rough year and was diagnosed with an overtraining disease. f-that when you go biking with someone who is of ironman mentality it is NEVER a recovery type ride. LG mentioned something about '3 witches' out about the course. I have come to realize that when bike routes that contain words like mountain or other evil sayers like witches, you should generally steer clear of them if you are not feeling particularly in shape.It was a gorgeous route though. Anyways as we are riding I am thinking...."hmmn Jod when you get off of your STATIONARY bike at home you can do the fancy pro dismount like a champ, you should definatley try it....try it you woosy!" So I did not mention this to the girls. Sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary. So as we were pulling into the parking lot I made up my mind that I was going to try the "flying dismount." Above and below are pictures of people who actually know what they are doing attempting this at a race. Ironically enough the only picture I could find is a fellow blogger and sd athlete Beth, Check her blog out if you want to read about a real triathlete and not a poser like myself! (OMG EXCITING I just figured out how to do the cool blogger link, so proud of myself! links all around!)

As you could probably imagine, my outcome was not so pretty. I got the one leg over, BUT I missed the whole taking the shoes off thing. SO I was still clipped in with one foot. I was stuck and I was heading for a parked car. I hit the car and fell to the ground while still clipped in. The girls look over not knowing what the hell happened and I could barely stop laughing to tell them what I had tried to do. After being home for a bit I was picturing what the pros(or real triathletes for that matter) do, and realized that they don't have their shoes on. BRILLIANT! What a dumbass. I will try it again and this time I will not fall. That was my first fall.. well my first fall on my new bike. I dunno maybe an uncoordinated lanky broad like myself should not attempt such activities. Whats even funnier was trying to explain to brian why i felt the need to do it. Now most do it to save time, not have to take their shoes off that sort of thing. I did it because after long rides its hard to get my long ass leg over my bike and this just seemed 'easier.'

tomorrow morning my friend and his wife invited me to one of their workout sessions at some park in encinitas with their personal trainer. I am sure that I will never be invited back. I tend to over swear and under work at these types of things. Hopefully I develop a gross bruise from my fall today so I have an excuse for why I suck at life.

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