Monday, September 1, 2008

Close call

So after a large helping of the killah baked pasta that I made, I decided to walk the dog down to the park. I turned the corner and behind me heard a loud bang, and then a loud horn. A drunk driver nailed a car head on that was parked. At this point I try to run to see if I can catch the plate and the frigin guy with a scrunched up hood, smoke coming out, and leaving a trail of fluids behind him, was just bobbing and weaving down the street. Shortly after I did hear and see the police helicopters looking for the crazy bastard, so hopefully they found him with no injuries to anyone else. I tried to get home quick thinking Bri would be worried sick about his newlywed, but he has the sox game blaring so loudly he missed the whole thing. I think I deserve a frozen yogurt for this.

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Kim and Erik said...

Where is that outside restaurant? One I never heard of while I was in San Diego...looks cute! What is this story about the drunk driver??- Kim