Sunday, September 14, 2008

goodness gracious great balls are frying

Another eventful weekend here in sunny San Diego. Speaking of weather, we had the very first day of complete cloud coverage last week, it was very strange. Good thing it was just a day or I would have started to complain about the weather as if I have not lived my entire 29 years in the most volatile climate of all. Anyways I had a great sushi night out with my friend Susie and some of her friends. I am getting over my love hate with sushi. See the problem is I have a freakishly small mouth. So when I try to fit a roll in there, it just gets ugly. Food dropping out, me merely choking, you get the picture. Anyways I am somehow perfecting this and am actually able to still breathe while trying to chew. It was a delicious place with fun drinks and lots of laughs with the ladies. We hit up a wine bar after that was also in Old Town, which is a quaint part of town. Saturday kicked off with beach volleyball and Bri got to accompany me and play since half of our team did not show up. We sucked, big time, but at least we got a good two hour workout in there. I was supposed to go to the bar with Bri today to watch the pats, but I opted for a day at the beach with the dog. She tore it up all day and will now sleep for the next two days with all her rambunctious activities.
I was having a craving for pasta, since it is Sunday afterall! So I made a yummy sauce, and decided to fry up some meatballs. Boy oh boy, that smell took me back to childhood on my grandmothers street, as her friend Connie would fry up the balls every Sunday and you could smell it down the street. I would go down to her house and she would stick one on a fork for me, and it was like a candy covered apple,,,,so yummy! Speaking of sundays and pasta, my sweetiepie Nana was back in the hospital this week, but luckily is back at her place. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Not entirely sure what this entails, but I have been calling and checkin in on her daily. She sounds okay, but kind of like someone is sitting on her chest. HOpefully its not Harvey the cute little old man that has an uncanny resemblance to my grandfather. I think its just an old age thing, but keep her in your prayers anyways!!
Wishing all a great upcoming week! And a happy bday to Melanie today and Boho in a few days!

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