Thursday, September 4, 2008

battered and bruised

Okay so last night was game two of inner tube water polo, and I am now covered in bruises. Apparently this sport has been around long enough for people to have played "for years" together. They were ripped and they were not holding back from destroying us. It was pretty ridiculous, and by the end of the game I got so aggravated of being manhandled but one of the guys on the other team, that I got out of my tube and kicked him very hard up the ass. Probably ruined his night if you know what I mean. Anyways Bri kicked ass in goalie, and it will be the perfect position to get footage of him falling out of the tube and trying to get back in, there is alot of it in that position. I shouldn't talk, because I got so fatigued that everytime one of those bastards flipped me out I had to go over to the stairs cause I had no arm strength left. Oh and I scored last night!
Waiting for my college friend Allard to get to our house, he is here on business. Always good to see familiar faces!
Week one of back to school week is almost over. Looking forward to catching up on some sleep this weekend.

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