Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finally got the W

Well things were looking dismal for our inner tubve water polo game this week since only 5 of the 9 people on our team were able to make it. We sucked it up and played down two players and we kicked ass. The turning point of the game was probably when Sarah, who can barely touch the water, and flinches everytime the ball comes her way, and often chastises players for playing dirty, gave me a delicate pass in front of the net. My back was to the goal so I just smacked it behind my head and got my first goal of the game. After that I scored a whole bunch with a few assists from the hubby. Oh and Bri got a goal too, but mostly dominated in the goal. It was a fun game, and a great team that we played against. So we won 13-7 and can only go up from here! We went out to the bar after for a quick drink and some eats, but since the sox decided to go 13 innings we were there a bit longer than expected. So even though the sox could not pull off the W, team 8 did!

We are off to try out "the best bbq in san diego." We'll see.

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