Friday, September 26, 2008

aye yay yay

I had to go back and read if I recalled hurting my wrist during last weeks volleyball game. I have not been able to move my wrist side to side all week and it is somehow getting worse. I cracked down and bought a makeshift wrist brace, so hopefully more time off it will help. I did however make the smart decision to play water polo on Wednesday. It was actually okay cause I really just tried to use my right arm. Even with one arm I showed some guys how the ladies play and tried to be as scrappy as possible. It was finally an evenly matched game, which made it fun, yet competitive, and its always more fun when you win right? Bri was a superstar in the goal yet again and I think he even scored. I am taking tomorrow off from volleyball (not sure how you play with a brace on) so maybe my team will actually win without me there.

We are having breakfast with a couple we met at the dog park tomorrow, then dinner with someone Bri met and his wife. I am going to try to hike the mountain we did a few weeks ago since I can't use my hands right now. It has shockingly been the hottest its been out here, so Bri and I ventured off to the beach to body surf yesterday. Unfortunately the waves were weak but it was nice to get into the ocean during the week! The beach was next to empty which was nice, but the seagulls were worse than the ones in Revere in front of Kelly's!!

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