Sunday, September 7, 2008


Is someone going to judge me if I get frozen yogurt for maybe the 50th time since I moved in? I am not even sure if I have been here that long, but basically I crave frozen yogurt from the most fantastic place, sweet Golden Spoon. They have about 20 flavors to choose from on any given night. They are all fat free. Then you have about 100 choices of unhealthy things to put on top of it. The best part is that I am not keeling over at night with "stomach issues" aka UD. I am still figuring out the best variations but they are all good. I finally asked about the caloric intake the other day and its really not bad. If you get a mini its only 88 calories. And that is typically enough for me. I am sure I will find an excuse to go later.

I made it to another yoga class this morning at a new studio and I LOVED the instructor. She just got back from a sort of pilgrimage to India practicing all kinds of yoga. And she did not get upset when I was making jokes during poses to the classes. She actually had the balls to use me as an example during one of the poses. Fortunately it is like the only known yoga pose that benefits long legged, lanky, monkey armed people like myself. I joked that it was just about the only pose I could pull off. Anyways I did things that I did not think possible and felt pretty comfortable. I bought a little package so I could go 5 times.

Once I got home I felt a little guilty that my poor husband was all alone at a bar watching the Pats, so I jetted off to Longboards. It is a bar in pacific beach that is filled with Patriots fans. I ran into a few Waltham people there as well. We will most likely be there every Sunday.

Oh I am happy to report that my beach volleyball team finally turned it around this Saturday. We lost the first round and won the second. I was shockingly the "ace" and served both times to the win.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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