Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not quitting my day job anytime soon

I got bored last weekend and decided that I would try making videos. It is supposed to be to a really cute song about a puppy but I am not that good yet. Anyways I am going to attempt to put together some fun videos and figured i'd start with the dog. Afterall she won't judge me. She may eat my socks and underwear, but she never judges.

We are winding down here in San Diego and Bri is off for the east coast tonight. In case you are a psycho reading the blog, I am not alone, I have a dog, she is very big, and vicious, and I also have a loaded gun that I am not afraid to use. Although Bri has repeatedly warned me not to play with it, and that "wherever I point it it will shoot" well isn't that the point?!

Anyhoo that is just a precaution since I very often hear helicopters flying overhead making announcements about people running around armed and what not. Oh and I also promise not to do any late night runs through the canyons while he's gone.

Our water polo game this week was fun, we won, but at the end of the game my head had a major collision with the goalies elbow. I could have done without that.

Not sure if i'll make it to all the fun ugly holiday sweater parties this weekend, since I feel a cold coming on, but hopefully I do! Oh and hopefully the dog doesn't eat the christmas tree while she is left alone here all day for a week.

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