Thursday, December 18, 2008

Floods and boogers

So I have been living all by my lonesome for a week now since Bri had to go home early for business. This has meant a few things:
Cereal for dinner or no dinner at all
LOTS of bad television
LOTS of chic flicks
Destruction at the house: the lamp (my fault), my jacket (dog's fault)
Me waking up sleeping sideways

Of course Bri has been gone during the worst weather yet. I actually got home during a flash flood the other day where I had to wade through water just to get to my door. And just as soon as it happened it was done. Very strange. Apparently around 4 people or so a year die near here because of flash floods. Its no laughing matter.

Anyways this week has flown by at work. We had our holiday show today and it was so nice to see all the kids have their special moment. I was emceeing the event with one of our students so that was fun. I did not even make any inappropriate jokes.I wanted to, but I didn't. The only thing I said that was not on my original script was this "well that was a long skit so maybe he needed some extra protein." This was after one of the kids stood on stage, picked his nose, then ate it, over and over and over and over the whole skit. It was AWESOME. I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose so that made it even better.

I leave to go home just in time for all the snow so lets hope that I make it there on Sunday! I can't wait to get back to Boston!!! Lets just hope that I want to come back......

Okay well I guess i'll have to come back for Belle!!! Stupid jacket eater

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