Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trains, Planes and Invisaligns

Well we are safely and soundly back from our trip to Boston. My ride out there was quite eventful. I left with a bad cold, and ended up rupturing my eardrum on my first flight into New York. I left during a storm so the ride was quite ridiculous, but I made it onto my connector after about a 5 hour delay.

Lets start with the negatives of the week:

-being herded like cattle to this place and that.

-avoiding people I hadnt seen because I really did not know if I could answer the question "Hows San Diego?" one more time, without losing my shit. Its just not alot of fun to talk about the same thing over and over.

-TRAFFIC: within a few minutes of being in the car in Boston I was quickly dropping f-bombs, d-bags, the middle finger and honking the horn incessantly.(people just don't do that in San Diego so I had to take advantage)

-rupturing an eardrum

-being told by my dentist that I need braces because my teeth are crowding. Especially since I prided myself on the fact that I saved my parents tons of money because I never had cavities, needed braces, and never got wisdom teeth. And now I will have to pay for them.

-getting the stomach bug at 3am at the same time as two other people and battling for the toilet

-having to leave and say goodbye all over again

Okay and the positives of the week:

-seeing Nana toast the entire nursing home "I love all of you, you are all beautiful people"

-seeing neices and nephew really enjoy Christmas for the first time

-meeting friends babies, and seeing big bellies

-hanging with my family

-seeing snow

-good Italian food

-getting a new video camera so I can capture moments like this!

-coming home to see the puppy

We are very excited to wake up tomorrow at 4am(its a good thing that I am still on east coast time) and drive to Pasadena to see that little old lady and floats of roses and the rose bowl! I will be sure to take lots of videos as we chant WE ARE PENN STATE. We are sitting in the end zone with the Penn State Kids. Maybe I will get them to pick me up and shake me around when they score!


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Kim said...

yay i found your blog! now start writing about your journey to HIM! :) happy new year jod!